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This site is designed to provide Staff, Students, Administrators and other customers with resources and information about IT and how the department supports student learning.

The Information Technology Department seeks to provide best-in-class IT products and services to the District while enabling customers with the most efficient and appropriate technologies available.

Our missionWe believe that students, school personnel and community need to have the opportunity to access current and future technologies. 

Who we areWe are leaders, trainers, technicians, web developers/programmers and data analysts

What we doWe strive to provide the best possible service, training and support to all Berwyn North District 98 Public Schools students, staff and community. 


Chromebook Information/Información de Chromebook(s)

Director of Instructional Technology Gary Evashenk

Information Specialist

(Prairie Oak Elementary)

Kelly Olchowka

Information Specialist

(Jefferson Elementary

Andrew Byerwalter

Information Specialist

(Lincoln Middle School

Mark Reyes

Information Specialist

(Havlicek Elementary)

Sherry Hickman