Teaching and Learning

Last Updated: 8/10/2020 1:58 PM

Berwyn North District 98 is dedicated to having our students achieve their personal, academic and civic potential in a safe and caring environment. 

  • We believe students need to be provided with opportunities to be motivated and educated to become productive members of the community and society. 

  • We believe that the individual gifts and talents of our students, school personnel and community should be recognized and encouraged through the curriculum and support programs. 

  • We believe that students, school personnel and community members need opportunities to access current and future technologies.

District 98 embraces a vision where all children experience success and grow in excellence. 

Our students come to school with shared and unique experiences, strengths, interests, and learning profiles. They learn from and with one another in safe, caring, and supportive learning environments. 

We respect and celebrate individual differences, foster creativity and critical thinking, encourage intellectual risk-taking, and provide opportunities for collaboration.


Assistant Superintendent - Dr. Robert G. Hubbird

Instructional Specialist - Madalyn Laureto, Christine Crook, and Jennifer Janoso

Home School Community Liaison - Teresa Barajas